Cat beauty shots!

Thanks to a new camera, there will suddenly be a ton of interesting pictures again. One of the things we’ve wanted to do lately is get some good pictures of our cats, most specifically Macavity.

Some of you may recall that a few months ago, Ch. Siam Jewels Spot On came to stay at our house for a week for a sexcation. On Monday, the 22nd, she gave birth to eight (!!) kittens, in a variety of colours and patterns. Mom and kittens are doing wonderfully, and it’s possible the rational parrot household may bring one of them home in the future. :)

But either way, we wanted pictures for Jessica to use for her webpage and for the new kitten owners to see.

And, of course, we took pictures of everyone!

The man of the hour, Ch. Siam Jewels Macavity. Mac to his friends. Mac is a 13 month old fawn solid Oriental shorthair. Epic disapproval, as usual.

It’s funny, in his profile pictures, he looks so young to me, and in the others, so much older.

He is, in fact, still pretty young, only 13 months old.

Still pretty though!

And filled to the brim with tail. Man, he has a long tail.

And the greenest eyes.

Teenagers becoming fathers! What is the world coming to? (Hopefully REALLY pretty kittens).

Next up, we have Premier Siam Jewels Jellylorum, known to her friends as ‘The Hater’. Jelly is a nearly 2 year old (two more weeks) chocolate point Oriental Shorthair.

Jelly was less pleased by this entire ‘beauty’ thing.

Despite the fact that she is, in fact, really beautiful.

And full of hatred. Man, those are some disapproving ears.

She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

And the walls set them off perfectly.

She also does ‘meerkat’ really, really well. Epic core muscle strength there.

And last, but not least, the single untitled cat (we’ll probably show him in summer), Just Oriamese Captain Nemo. To his friends, we call him ‘Oh seriously, would you get off? Do you really need love now? Can you PLEASE stop touching me?’ Nemo is, as you can tell, a fairly affectionate cat. :) Nemo is a 16 month old cream mackerel tabby Oriental Shorthair.

And quite pretty as well.

If a touch pudgy. :)

I admit, I wasn’t much of a fan of the cream tabbies, but his colouring is really astonishing, a perfectly clear cream with stripes.

And he’s quite playful.

With a great profile.

And that, for now, is our team of Orientals here at the Rational Parrot. :)

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