What does it actually look like, living with so many pets?

Thanks to a great deal of environmental arrangements and training, all of my ‘free-range’ type pets are generally okay with each other. By free-range, I mean those who get free time in some part of the household. Not, for example, the fish. :)

Which means that there’s frequently a number of animals hanging around doing things, and capable of being photographed. So that’s what I’ve done.

This, for example, is what it looks like when a greenwing macaw is working on climbing down from her stand, and a doberman is trying to see if food is involved.

Tlalli likes to climb down pretty frequently and go walk-about on the floor. The other day, I was shaping bread while standing at the end of the kitchen island, and of a sudden, I felt a thumping on my slipper, and heard “Hi! Cracker? Mmmmm!” from the floor, and there was Tlalli, being creepily adorable while attempting to assault my feet.

This is the expression of a poodle who you are trying to get to look at you, but who is aware that there is food in the kitchen and if he stares there, he might get some.

And, of course, everything is made better with a tiny grey on your knee, right?

Tiny grey, poodle in background is even better, of course.

I don’t think I mentioned here yet, but Keela has been to the vet and was pronounced in fine shape, negative on all the viral diseases, clean wellness bloodwork and fecal.

Back to completely random pictures! Here, we have the typical ‘the gas fireplace is on’ look — doberman and some subset of cats. Today, we have Nemo.

As you can see, the cats do not at all get along with the dogs.

Nemo sometimes just stretches out on his own, to show off how long he is.

And sometimes, he just catloafs on his own.

The boys play on the bed together sometimes too.

Also, while I’m updating on random things, I emailed the chain pet store that I thought Tlalli was purchased from, and struck gold. Her hatch date is April 30th, 2008, which makes her not quite six years old. (It also means that she was born four days before Schrodinger was, which makes me both happy and sad.)

But she’s pretty, which makes me happy! And she’s finally starting to molt, so maybe, just maybe, she’ll have better feathers one day. Maybe.

Random Ky, wet from a bath!

Tlalli, also wet, destroying some tissue paper.

And I leave you with a final Random Amazon.

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