Introducing Cody!

As I had mentioned in a few previous posts, we’ve been keeping an eye out for a few specific species around as companions both for us and for the parrots we currently have. Thus, Tlalli came home, and then Keela.

And now Cody. Cody is a male red lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) who was previously owned by some people who loved him immensely but had some life changes that no longer allowed them to keep him.

We went to visit yesterday and, to no one’s big surprise, he came home with us. As he’s another one like Keela from a one parrot household for the past few years, we’re skipping quarantine and letting him interact with the other parrots immediately, though of course, he’ll go to the vet sometime in the next month or so and get a checkup and bloodwork, probably going along with Ky, as we’ve got a handful more parrots to get through. :)

He’s a very sweet, very social parrot who finds the house very interesting. He’s completely unfazed by dogs or cats, and seems to enjoy very much watching the other parrots. As you can see from the pictures, Ky and he seem to think that things are pretty okay. He thought Keela was pretty interesting too, but she flew around too much.

He talks quite a bit and switched to eating the diet we feed in the typical Amazon way. “Oh, food? I like food, I will eat it.” We’ll introduce fresh foods tomorrow, which I’m sure will go just fine. :)

We were told that he was approximately 5 years old, but I managed to get a glimpse of his band, and he was probably born in 2005, and came from Hagen. I’ve emailed them to see if I can get a hatch date, which is always fun.

He will fly, though he’s not very good at landing — he ended up on the curtain when Ky took off and flew around. That will improve, since we encourage parrots to fly.

He’s not great about stepping onto hands yet, but he’s already upgraded from uncertainly taking treats from us to walking over to take a treat with happiness, which is great for his first day.

He’s very pretty too. :)

Ky quite likes the swing as well.

One of the things we’re focusing on with the number of parrots in the house now is more fun things upstairs. I just got a jumbo Orbit from Mother Pluckin Bird Toys for up here as well.


Wet bird post bath!

Today’s life lesson for you. Do not put your hand near an Amazon that looks like this. This is one excited crazyzon.

Keeping a close eye on the new boy, Ky is.

She keeps an eye on him, and he, in typical Amazon fashion, keeps an eye on the food dish. :)

Pause for big red crazy, who is methodically destroying the egg carton toy that she was just given.

Pair of Amazons, onlooking poodle.

A little flirty.

We tossed them both on the same stand to see what would happen.

They calmly checked each other out.

They’ll be great friends in no time.

And this is the last new parrot for a good long while. :)

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