Photos various, or cats, dogs, and birds, oh my.

Life continues along swimmingly. I’ve had the head cold of doom the past two weeks but have somehow survived.

The main household issue lately has been what we politely call ‘rotten foot dog’. Noire scraped the side of her foot on ice, licked it until it was massively infected, and had to get a round of antibiotics. She will still lick it if allowed, which is why we’ve alternated between putting dressings on her foot, her wearing a basket muzzle, and the cone.

She is not pleased, as you can see.

I also managed to grab a picture of the Elusive Cat Who Is Not Photographed, our eldest. Fetch is a former feral who is still somewhat cagey around people. I would say he’s our only non-oriental, but as you can see, his colouring is red lynx point, so who knows what his background is.

While we’re on the subject of cats, I give you slightly blurry Macavity sitting on a heat vent….

And Nemo eating a blood orange. No, I don’t know why. He’s just defective.

In other news, Tlalli got to move into the big cage, and I snapped a few pictures of her. Theo is in the smaller cage for the meantime until they can move in together.

We’re not quite there yet, as Theo’s completely wary expression may show you.

And finally, I grabbed the camera while we were downstairs today, and got a few more pictures.

The grey bird, on the smaller atom.

And a slightly wider shot.

Pair o’ caws!

Tlalli’s beauty shot, with ball.

Cin being silly.

Theo’s beauty shot. No ball.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned, there may be some interesting news this weekend.

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