Life continues along, and the final update on Tlalli’s past.

It’s February in Ontario, which means a huge portion of our day to day life involves discussing snow, discussing how cold it is, moving snow from one place to another, and sitting in the car cursing other people who can’t drive in snow.

But thankfully, we have some nice, entertaining tropical distractions from that to photograph and think of rain forests and warmth.

The newest member of the household has been here over a month now. Tlalli has a stainless steel band on one leg, with an identifying name and number on it. Thanks to the great people at the LegBandNumbers yahoo group, I found some information on her breeder, and gave him a call a few days ago.

She’s a little older than I was told, around seven years old, and was the one of the first clutch of greenwings that he bred, though her parents were breeding for someone else previously. At the time, he sold all of his parrots to one of the medium-size chain pet stores in Canada, which fits with what her previous owner told me.

That’s the end of Tlalli’s past, and now we’re onto her future, which she hopes involve vast numbers of baths, lots of crackers, and people to do her bidding.

Speaking of baths, she really, really likes baths.

As you can see.

We’re lucky to have a large house, with multiple bathrooms. Our guest bathroom is also our ‘parrot bathing room’, and includes a rain shower head and a nylon rope wrapped shower rod as a perch. It works really well for the macaws.

The only downside is that when Tlalli bathes, she flaps like crazy, so you have to constantly duck and hide from the streams of water, and the entire bathroom gets wet.

It’s worth it though.

She gets insanely, monumentally wet.

And so does everyone else.

On Saturday, we let her and Theo have physical access to each other, which was more or less completely without any real drama.

Since then, they’ve both spent most of their time out on the trio of stands upstairs, and sometimes, that’s closer than others. Yesterday, Tlalli wandered over to get a drink from the big bottle brush stand, and I snapped a few pictures of the interaction.

It wasn’t very dramatic.

They’ve both got awesome tails though!

All the drama has been occasional brief beak wrestling, which means we’re on a fast track to letting them share the same cage, which is really really good. As a precursor to that, Tlalli’s gotten to move into the big cage, and Theo’s staying in the smaller one. She thinks it’s pretty awesome, but you’ll have to wait for pictures of that.

Meanwhile, Snowmageddon part 894032890432890 is predicted for tomorrow. Whee.

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  1. Zak says:

    Look how happy Theo and Tlalli are! Also, these pictures are incredible–you capture so much of their personalities!

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