Introducing Akeelah.

One of the things that I’ve mentioned of late, and will be discussing more in the future, is parrot companions. The longer I’ve owned parrots, the more I think that they get a great deal out of having a similar-species companion to share their lives with, and in most cases, with owners who understand positive reinforcement and don’t expect a mate-relationship with their birds, they stay fun pet companions too.

So, with that said, I’ve been keeping my eye out for parrots who need homes of certain species. One of them is a Timneh grey. Timnehs are smaller and darker than African greys (sometimes called Congos), and are significantly more rare around.

And yet, two weeks ago, I found a six year old Timneh who was looking for a new home on kijiji. Her name is Akeelah, Keela for short, and her previous owners loved her dearly and cared for her to the absolute best of their ability. Her diet needs a little improvement, but that won’t be an issue as you can see. :)

She’s very interactive, makes a ton of interesting noises, talks in a little robot voice, gives kisses, and flies like a dream. She’s not at all bothered by the business of our house, which is also awesome. I’m really interested to see the differences between the two species as we get to know her better.

We’re off to the vet this week for a checkup, but as she’s been vetted before and has been in a single parrot home for the past six years, we’ve decided to skip quarantine this time around, though we’ll avoid physical interaction for a while anyways.

Tonight, she helped us make our mash diet (call it chop, mash, mulch, what have you — grains, beans, and veggies), and thought it was pretty awesome.

Pretty picture to start with (though she had a dirty beak still).

I eat squash. Squash is good.

Crazy pinning eye good.

She’s also good at helping with the dishes.

And hanging out on the couch.

She LOVES giving kisses.

And is moderately interested in the other (giant, crazy, singing) parrots.

But food wins over all — I was mixing the mulch, and offered her some more, which you can clearly see was a hit.

Mmmmm, mulchy beak.

She shook her head and threw mulch everywhere.

Great capture of her shaking.

Pretty girl!

She’s a lot of fun, and it’ll be great to get to know her better.

And there’s MORE news too, but that will get photographed tomorrow.

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