Chess club and frat boys.

Tonight, we let the pair o’ greys meet each other, and watching them watch Tlalli flail around in joy is possibly the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen.

Greys are relatively reserved parrots (although Keela is much less so than Cin is) and macaws are extremely vivacious, and Tlalli is particularly so. Tlalli spends a huge amount of her time flapping, climbing down off her stand, yodeling at people to come and collect her, and generally being demanding.

Keela’s doing quite well so far, talking more in a little munchkin voice, although I’ve not caught a lot of what she’s saying. She’s getting better at stepping up and not just flying to the shoulder, switched to eating the same pellets as the other birds without issue, and loves eating mulch.

She’s also had two baths and a cage rearrangement, all accepted without much fuss. She doesn’t play with toys as much as I’d like, but she does like shredders, so we’ve set her up with a lot of light shreddy toys and she’s happy to chomp on them.

Keela and Theo will be going to the vet on Thursday for general checkups and in Keela’s case, a definite nail trim. Hers are like daggers, but I don’t want to stress her by toweling yet. She’s also missing some feathers on her head, which you can see in some of the pictures.

Which we’ll start with now! :)

Cin’s quite a bit bigger than she is, and yet, significantly more wary.

Pretty girl, Keela!

Cin’s world has been throw upside down by this new addition. It’s good for him. :)

Pair o’ caws. Tlalli’s figured out how to climb down to the bottom of the stand and thinks it’s great fun.

As far apart as you can get on the same stand.

Keela’s done most of the approaching so far, and both of them had a brief fly around the house when the other got too close, but so far so good.

This is by far the easiest introduction I’ve ever done.

Little crazy eyes for the toys. :)

And crazy eyes for Cin too.

And then, big miss crazy showed up behind them.

Pause for pretty Theo!

Back to drama.

What is WRONG with her?

Back to the greys.

One of us has a red butt. The other, not so much.

And the last pictures were taken thanks to me taking one for the team and grabbing the obnoxious dinosaur myself.

She’s a fun shoulder dinosaur though!

And she’s very curious what I’m saying about her on the internets.

Next time, I will give you an update on our Visiting Cat. :)

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