A visiting cat and possible future excitement.

Nearly a year ago, we found a picture of an adorable fawn solid Oriental shorthair on Jelly’s breeder’s facebook page, and made arrangements to take him home.

Because of his colour, bloodline, and general structure, when we went to visit him at 8 weeks, his breeder asked if we would be willing to keep him intact and let her use him to stud. We agreed, and Macavity has been a great introduction to cat shows (so much fun), intact cats (louder than the rest), and now the joys of waiting to see if kittens will magically appear.

Champion Siam Jewels Spot On came to visit for the past week and have some fun with Siam Jewels Macavity (who should hopefully get his championship shortly — no shows have arrived since he’s turned 8 months old).

We’re all crossing our fingers for some really pretty kittens, which I hope will arrive, because she’s awfully pretty.

Isn’t she?

She’s gone back to her home, and now we wait.

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