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A visiting cat and possible future excitement.

Nearly a year ago, we found a picture of an adorable fawn solid Oriental shorthair on Jelly’s breeder’s facebook page, and made arrangements to take him home. Because of his colour, bloodline, and general structure, when we went to visit … Continue reading

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Chess club and frat boys.

Tonight, we let the pair o’ greys meet each other, and watching them watch Tlalli flail around in joy is possibly the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen. Greys are relatively reserved parrots (although Keela is much less so than … Continue reading

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Introducing Akeelah.

One of the things that I’ve mentioned of late, and will be discussing more in the future, is parrot companions. The longer I’ve owned parrots, the more I think that they get a great deal out of having a similar-species … Continue reading

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Photos various, or cats, dogs, and birds, oh my.

Life continues along swimmingly. I’ve had the head cold of doom the past two weeks but have somehow survived. The main household issue lately has been what we politely call ‘rotten foot dog’. Noire scraped the side of her foot … Continue reading

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Life continues along, and the final update on Tlalli’s past.

It’s February in Ontario, which means a huge portion of our day to day life involves discussing snow, discussing how cold it is, moving snow from one place to another, and sitting in the car cursing other people who can’t … Continue reading

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