Tlalli’s story, part two.

I often don’t put much stock in fate, really. All of how we brought home Tlalli seemed quite magical, but mostly coincidences.

Until today.

In March of 2013, I saw a post for a four year old greenwing macaw on kijiji. I actually spoke with the woman on the phone, offered some suggestions, but decided that it wasn’t the right time. And it wasn’t, I still wanted a macaw mostly to make Schrodinger not dead, and that’s not the right reason.

The woman had owned the macaw for about two years, having purchased her from a family. The family apparently purchased her from PJs pet centre (let’s talk about types of parrots completely inappropriate to sell in pet stores, shall we?).

The woman sold her to a man with a contract specifying that he’d give her back if he couldn’t keep her. She rehomed her for her sake, thinking that someone with more time (the man had no other pets) would help her feather destruction.

The man (who lived over an hour away from my house) sold her at some point between then and now to a man who lived nearby. The woman tried desperately to get her back, but did not succeed.

And I bought the same macaw that I inquired about in March from the second man.

I spoke with the woman tonight, because I had kept her email address. I have a ton of pictures of Tlalli (previously Emmy, not Amy) when she was younger, and the warm knowledge that she was loved.

Sometimes, it’s hard to really fight with fate. Tlalli will, of course, stay here. Her previous owner will come visit, and we’ll work on her feather destruction. At worst, she’ll be a rumpled, beloved greenwing.

I have an update on her to post soon, but I wanted to say this while I remembered all the details.

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