The Ice Storm.

Just before Christmas, Toronto was hit with nearly 36 hours of freezing rain, which did a horrific amount of damage to trees, cut power for almost everyone, and made the entire world into an ice skating rink.

We didn’t have any major tree damage (lost a single branch off one), only a little shrub damage and that should grow back just fine. We now own the only large elm on our street though.

Even if the ice was dangerous and horrible, it was also beautiful.

Our baby crabapple in the backyard was bent in two, with each little apple encased in ice.

Truly bent in half.

As was the birch in the front.

It made our contorted filbert look awesome though.

Our elm survived.

Our neighbours’, not so much.

With the sun out, the entire world looked like it was made of crystal.

And walks around the neighbourhood were full of beauty.

But… I’m still glad it’s all mostly melting today. :)

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