Oh, it’s a bit cold, it’s a bit cold, it’s a bit cold.

As you may be aware, most of North America has been quite chilly in the past few weeks. Here, in Southwestern Ontario, we’ve had temperatures and wind chills down to -25 to -40 C, which I am not going to bother to translate to F for two reasons.

1) -40 C and -40 F are the same.
2) Even -25 C is cold enough that you don’t need to know the exact number. It’s just ridiculously cold.

This is, of course, immediately after the Ice Storm that cut our power for a few hours.

On December 29th, our furnace started making a weird noise. We called the repair people, and they said we needed a new blower motor and wheel. They ordered it, and thus we began 11 days of utter incompetence that isn’t worth the additional stress of discussing.

To make a long story very very short, our furnace died completely on January 3rd. Our house has different problems than many houses when it comes to lack of heat. In this situation, we had one really large (or actually, not all that big) problem.

His name is Radish, and he’s a mostly naked cherry headed conure.

Parrots, despite thoughts to the contrary, do pretty well with cold. They’re wearing down comforters after all. But parrots who have no feathers have a lot less ability to regulate their own warmth.

The other issue is that Tlalli is still in quarantine, and thus we should try to keep a warm spot upstairs and a warm spot downstairs.

We purchased multiple space heaters, made a spot for Tlalli to sleep in the office on the main floor, and kept the basement toasty warm. The mammals, on the other hand, had to deal with the gas fireplace alone.

And thus began five days of utter fireplace worship.

Noire had to share the fireplace dog bed with a number of cats.

Nemo is clearly traumatized by the presence of Noire, as you can clearly see.

Three cats, one dog.

Mac says, “What? Everyone warms their balls against the fireplace.”

It’s such a hard life — for days, our house looked like this.

If your question is ‘why are there only two oriental cats there?’, the answer is simple.

Jelly’s nickname is The Hater, not because she’s hateful, but because of her opinion on dogs. She’s not scared of them, she just despises them as the lowlifes they are, and thus she would never, ever lower herself to sleeping on a bed with a DOG, despite the cold.

Needless to say, everyone enjoyed life better when the heat came back, but they still seem to like laying on the fireplace bed, even with the fireplace off.

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