Non-avians living together, mass hysteria!

18 months ago, we brought home a lovely chocolate point siamese cat who we named Jellylorum.

Jelly got nicknamed almost immediately ‘The Hater’ for her opinion on dogs. Despite having been raised with a dog, she took an immediate dislike to ours, and unlike most cats who would go away or act afraid, Jelly likes to get up close and hate.

She wants to make sure the dogs KNOW how much she hates them.

And she especially hated our doberman, Noire.

Which makes this picture all the more fascinating.

Jelly and Noire even have MATCHING LAZER eyes.

And then, when she’s not napping with Noire, she’s helping us cook. She’s very helpful.

The other cats have no issue with the doglet, as you can see.

Macavity, in fact, has loved her since he was a kitten. Or more of a kitten than he is now, anyways.

And, last but not least, Nemo shows that he is also very helpful in drinking the remnants of the whey drained from the yogurt.

Now that I’ve gone through the mammal pictures, we can dive right into the tons and tons and tons of parrot pictures that I have. :)

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