More red bird? MORE RED BIRD!

I’m going to be cruel to you, my readers, and force you to wait for an entirely different post to see the pictures of her meeting the rest of the household. (Spoiler: She’s healthy and we’ve broken quarantine and I’m posting these pictures with a pair of macaws in my kitchen).

First, you need to truly appreciate how evil and mean this bird is.

She really does not enjoy head scratches at all.

Not even a little bit.

She also doesn’t much care for treats (unsalted tortilla chip here).

And when you stop scratching her head, she pathetically has to do it herself.

Could you resist this face?

No, no you could not. Me neither.

Then, when the cuddle time is over, it’s flying time!

Flying time is when you hold onto her toes and fling her around and she flaps like crazy and shrieks with joy.

It looks a little like this.

Sometimes, flying time ends up looking like this. (Best part of this picture is that she thoughtfully said “Hello!” to me while I took it.)

It’s normal to have a greenwing macaw on your head, right?

Then there’s crazy upside down joy. (Please note cat in microwave in background.)

Every night, she does flying around. Good exercise! I expect at some point she’ll actually fly using her wings, not her people. :)

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