Cats, helping.

I have a ton of older pictures that apparently I’ve never posted, so I’m going to make a handful of posts over the next while to catch up.

As anyone who’s even glanced at this blog knows, I have cats. Three of my cats are purebreds of one of the breeds in the Oriental or Siamese breed group.

These cats are not exactly like living with your average every day domestic shorthair. They like to help. They like to be right there with you, up in your way, making sure that nothing in the world is not beautified with a nice dusting of cat hair.

They have personalities on a scale that can barely be described.

But, most importantly, they like to help. A lot.

As an example, after the dogs pre-wash the dishes, the cats like to get right in there and make sure that they’re still good.

Macavity is VERY thorough.

And extremely disapproving when he’s bodily removed. Granted, Macavity is disapproving in more or less every situation, in every possible way.

Sometimes, they like to help by jumping on your shoulder, and generally, they love company.

Cat juggling is harder than it looks.

They like to help you make sure you keep the dogs in line.

They assist you with holding down the fish tank light as well. As a quick side note, this was in the few weeks in which Macavity entirely lost his neck. He’s had some serious awkwardness in his growth spurts of late, but appears to be potentially turning into a cat again. Here’s to hoping.

They also like to assist you with your posture.

Everyone needs a hunchback, right?

So, in summary, if you too might need some help in your life, I highly recommend an Oriental breed. If you’re in the GTA and looking for one, these guys came from Just Oriamese and Siam Jewels, and both catteries are great to deal with and have excellent cats.

Just very, very helpful.

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