All red bird, all the time.

Which is funny, of course, because the last several posts have not, in fact, involved a red bird.

We’ve had Tlalli just over three weeks now, and she’s settling in wonderfully. There’s a few specific things that I require of parrots, and that I work on immediately with new parrots.

1) Diet. Most parrots that come to my house don’t eat a healthy and varied diet, so the first thing I do is convert them to that. Tlalli’s already happily eating a pelleted diet, but still refuses to eat most fresh foods. We’re working on it.

2) Environmental enrichment. A lot of parrots won’t play with toys off the bat. Tlalli’s been heavily encouraged to start destroying bird toys rather than her feathers (which you can see in the pictures below). I believe we’ve reduced her feather barbering by nearly 80% at this point just through enrichment. Success!

3) Baths. She came already loving baths, and is currently being soaked every day or every other day with great splashy joy.

We’ve gone to the vet this weekend, which she did not particularly enjoy, but was required. Exam went well, her beak was trimmed to hopefully help the slight scissoring she has, and we’re just waiting for results of her bloodwork to release her into the rest of the house. It’s sad though, she’s still a little quieter after the stress of yesterday (she needed quite a bit of beak work), and the house feels much quieter.

I don’t have any post vet pictures of her new, fancy, baby looking beak, but I do have these. Enjoy!


Pretty girl!

Super, super pretty girl. :)

Told you she was playing with toys.

More toys, more!

It warms my heart so much to see the parrot who sat on top of a cage and didn’t even eat the windowsill start to interact more with her environment.

Gooooo rumpled parrot!

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