Ridiculously funny big red bird pictures, day two.

Tlalli is such a fun parrot. I woke up this morning and she happily stepped onto my arm from inside her cage, but then climbed on top of it and didn’t want to step up from there.

Instead of forcing her, we did some basic targeting training (targeting a fist) which helps by rewarding approaching people and also approaching hands. After a bit, I went into the living room, and we called back and forth a bit.

After maybe 20 minutes of being alone in the library, I went back to visit her, and she happily stepped on my arm and came out to spend the rest of the day on her stand.

Later on, she took a shower, and again didn’t want to step up. So we walked out of the room (a little negative punishment), and less than 30 seconds later, she called out “Come here!”, and we walked back in and she stepped right up.

She’s eaten a bunch of pellets, stepped up for everyone, and also played some with toys. She’s still chewing on her feathers, but I didn’t really expect that to go away immediately.

The cats are mostly over her, save for when her tail bobs around too much. The dogs are in love because she tosses a lot of food, and that’s their favourite thing about parrots.

She talks a LOT — this was just after a constant string of ‘peek-a-boo’.

Looking sweet.

Learning about playing with toys.

The green wings that give them their name.

She has a beautiful long tail.

Ugly feathers, beautiful bird.

Preening nicely.

Then, as her final trick for the night, she climbed up on top of the stand and started flapping slowly. We cheered her on and had a giant party, and she flapped until her feet were hot and she was a little out of breath. Yay for exercise! I’m hoping to teach her to fly too.

Biiiiig wings (and mostly unclipped now, just a few left to grow in).

Not the most gorgeous plumage, but you can see how pretty she’ll be once she’s molted in some new feathers.

Yay flapping (and extra bonus goldfish).

That’s it for now! Hope you all are having a great ‘week between Christmas and New Years’.

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