Mostly cats!

It’s apparently been forever since I’ve updated. Life has been more or less exactly the same — laying on the couch, waiting for surgery.

Thankfully, I’m going to get fixed on Friday, so we’re almost there.

Tons of random pictures from the past six weeks or so. :)

Me, couch, cats. Life in a nutshell.

Noire, on the loveseat.

Ancient Charlotte portrait.

Best poodle ever.

The old dogs. :)

I swear, half the cats in the house hate Noire, and the other half think she’s the best creature ever to cuddle with.

A LOT of dog cuddling in this house.

It’s a hard life.

When they’re not cuddling with Noire, they’re taking up space on me.

All the time, all the pets.

Then, they have to assist by climbing into the cabinets to ‘help’.

Then there’s more playing.

They all make excellent faces.

Then it’s back to cuddling on the couch, this time with an additional dog.

There you have a summary of the last six weeks of my life. :)

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  1. Jessica says:

    what sneaky boys in the cabinet :)

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