Wonderful world of cats.

Here’s your official dump of cat pictures. :)

Flying cat pictures, that is.

We had a toy out, and it turns out that Oriental cats are pretty acrobatic. Who knew?

Mac flies!

Jumping over each other!

Play is an everyone sort of game. (Except Fetch, who doesn’t like being with all of us downstairs very often.)

Nemo flies the MOST though.

Seriously, the most.

All the cats!


Got it!

A pause for ancient cats. Gypsy’s at least 13 years old, probably closer to 16 or 17, and in great shape.

The Tiny Overlord loves her though.

Jelly oversees her relative’s attacking.

It’s a rough life, being a kitten.

These two are the best of friends (and rapidly approaching the same size. :))

The very, very best of friends.

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