Unexpected co-habitation.

With me stuck on the couch all the time, the parrots aren’t getting as much time and attention as they were. They’re all fine, they get toys, and food, and are clean, but for the last month and the next month or two, they’re stuck in their cages a lot more.

Back in March, we brought home a pair of conures, one a baby black capped conure who we hoped would be friends with our green cheeked conure, Anisette.

We’ve done some work at introductions, but not a vast amount. They’re caged right next to each other, with food and water so that they can eat and drink together.

Just now, my better half went downstairs and saw both of them sitting as close to each other as they could be in two separate cages.

And thus Artichoke was put in Anisette’s cage (which is bigger) and they sat happily side by side, and ate a sunflower seed or two, and now apparently they get to live together.

Me coming downstairs to see was a little more exciting because both of them think that the sun rises and sets with my presence, but even that wasn’t enough to cause issues.

And it makes me so happy, because Ani is excessively attached to me, and I am glad she’ll have company while I’m on the couch.

A few pictures, to celebrate this occasion.

He’s grown up to be an awfully pretty bird. He’s still molting like crazy, but he’s got a lot more of his adult feathering.

This is right when I got closer — you can see a little fluffing of neck feathers, but they relaxed almost immediately.

Ani looks super cute in this picture. (And yes, we’re rearranging their cage tomorrow, and yes, I will trim that awful ragged string.)

Art says ‘My head is on upside down!’

Such a cute couple. :)

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