Little bird pictures!

Tonight, I finally managed to make it off the couch and spent some time rearranging cages. The pyrrhuras’ cage needed some work now that there were two of them, Radish’s cage wasn’t set up well for his way of moving around (and of standing and pooping constantly on things), and Tea, well, Tea got a rearrangement because he was there.

And I took a handful of pictures, because why not?

The cranky, naked old man.

In fact, he’s significantly less naked, having grown in some lovely legs and a few more feathers on his back, plays with toys, eats well, and is doing really fine. He’s not happy about coming out of his cage, which will be one of my projects once I’m up and about again.

Not so unhappy about being out that he can’t eat sunflower seeds though.

He’s so pretty and so much fun.

Next up, the world’s most amusing couple who refused to get close enough to be photographed together. They spent approximately 100% of their time out flying to me, flying around me, and in general going ‘I love you, I love you so much’. Thankfully, their arguing when I’m around has decreased immensely, and oh, hey, Ani no longer has pinfeathers on her head, so there’s some allopreening going on.

Did I mention I love you so much?

Look, ma, no pinfeathers!

We also love avicakes.

Both of us.

And last, but not least, the Tea monster, who no longer loves me as much, which is a welcome change.

Also, shock of shocks, a fan of avicakes.

That’s all folks, I’m back on the couch (but I have more cat pictures to post another day. :))

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