Cat based randomness.

Apparently, the only thing we take pictures of these days are cats. This is likely related to the fact that I spend 100% of my time laying on the couch, which limits what else I can do.

And so, you get some pictures. :)

One day, while laying on the couch, I looked over to see Macavity investigating how high he could get in the kitchen.

He was seriously considering jumping on top of the cabinets.

But gravity won.

Next, we have the Orientals in a basket.

It’s a rough life.

Noire and the cats love this back problem a LOT.

And finally, Macavity will be in a cat show tomorrow, and thus he needed a bath. Because it’s cold, he got snuggled under the blanket.

And others got involved in this one.

It’s a rough life in this house.

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