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Wonderful world of cats.

Here’s your official dump of cat pictures. :) Flying cat pictures, that is. We had a toy out, and it turns out that Oriental cats are pretty acrobatic. Who knew? Mac flies! Jumping over each other! Play is an everyone … Continue reading

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Little bird pictures!

Tonight, I finally managed to make it off the couch and spent some time rearranging cages. The pyrrhuras’ cage needed some work now that there were two of them, Radish’s cage wasn’t set up well for his way of moving … Continue reading

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Unexpected co-habitation.

With me stuck on the couch all the time, the parrots aren’t getting as much time and attention as they were. They’re all fine, they get toys, and food, and are clean, but for the last month and the next … Continue reading

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Cat based randomness.

Apparently, the only thing we take pictures of these days are cats. This is likely related to the fact that I spend 100% of my time laying on the couch, which limits what else I can do. And so, you … Continue reading

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