Pineapple — ??? to August 29th, 2013

Our little lovebird overlord is no longer with us. I went downstairs a few days ago to turn on their lights in the morning, and Pineapple was dead in the bottom of her cage.

We adopted her in early 2008, a scissor-beaked adult lovebird purchased from a pet store. I never expected her to have a record long life, but we enjoyed every minute that we had her. We fixed her scissor-beak with constant trimming and she developed into the most delightful creature. As cage territorial as it gets, she was the most delightful creature outside of her cage, would step onto anyone’s finger, and loved nothing more than going out of her cage to eat seeds.

I’ll never forget our cross country trip, where she spent the entire time in a small carrier, trying to eat our doberman for getting too close to our cage. She had bravery in spades.

We’ll miss her.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Pineapple

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