Okay, massive photo dump!

I’ve not posted pictures in forever thanks to spending all my time on the couch, so now you get a bunch of them.

This is what life on the couch looks like.

As you can see, Macavity is utterly terrified of the doberman. This is their default position all day long — Macavity is the lap cat, and Noire requires to sit at my feet.

A beautiful sunset. It looked like the sky was bleeding.

In the rare times that I leave the couch, other pets occupy it. Nemo’s growing up to be such a beautiful cat.

Okay, sometimes he’s beautiful.

Lookat my profile!


Spotty belly!

The three amigos: Nemo, Macavity, and Jellylorum.

Thoughtful cats.

And finally, our overlords.

One more post, but I need to take a few more pictures for that one. ;)

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