Cat shows are fun!

I may be on the couch, but not everyone in our house is.

Quick backstory. We put a deposit on Macavity when he was a month old. As he grew up, he became more and more pretty, and his breeder asked us if she could use him for stud once before we neuter him. We said sure, and also that she could show him.

His first show was last weekend, at the Canadian National Exhibition. It was a HUGE show with over 120 cats entered, 40 of which were kittens. Quick cat show summary:

There’s five types of competitions in the CCA — kitten, open, champion, alter, and household pet. Kitten is for cats 4 – 8 months old, open is for cats who are not yet champions, champion is for champions, alter is for neutered purebreds, and household pet is for any other cat who wants to compete.

Each purebred competition is roughly the same. Cats are judged against other cats of the same colour and sex, then against cats of the same breed. Then, each judge picks their top cats overall (5, 10, or 15 depending on how many cats are in the show), and those then get ranked.

Generally, there are four judges per day, and a lot of shows are 2 or 3 days. This show was two days, and extremely busy.

For a cat who has never been to a cat show before, he did exceptionally well behaviourally. He was somewhat stressed, but not too terribly so, and he did fantastically for the judges, allowing them to stretch him and maul him about. He also spent two days with his breeder, which was also strange for him, and also cooped up in relatively small show cages.

But, how did he actually do in the show?

Oh, you know, he did okay.

Honestly, he blew me away. The only Oriental kitten who did better than him is another of his breeder’s cats.

Out of eight judges, he got best of breed three times, second best twice, and made it to three final rings, where he got sixth, seventh, and tenth best.

Not bad for a tiny baby! He’s got a few more shows as a kitten, then will be shown next April as an adult and likely to his championship.

As far as the ribbon pictures go, here are some outtakes. :)

Hrm. Ribbons might be tasty.

Does the ribbon go well with my eyes?

Photobombing ribbon thief! (Also at the show, Nemo’s dad got best of the best in the show, and I believe got promoted to Supreme Master Grand Champion, which is a delightfully ridiculous title. He’s a lovely, sweet cat too.)

The ribbons will, of course, go up on the wall once we get a board for them.

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