Nearly a month of new cattens!

Okay, over a month in Nemo’s case. We ask a whole lot out of cats when they move, our household in particular. We use different cat litter than most other people (pelleted pine rather than clay), we don’t free feed our cats (though kittens are fed more frequently than the adult cats, obviously), and there’s three large gross other animals who live in the household that the cats have to deal with — plus the other cats. :)

And yet, time and time again, they manage. It’s funny to have two kittens at roughly the same time and to see the different reactions. Nemo was (and is) ridiculously friendly, leaps up on anyone who will stop for a moment, but he’s a little more picky of an eater and he’s definitely not as in love with the dogs.

Macavity was shyer than I’d like when he came home, hid a lot, and required a little more effort to get free access to the house. However, once he got over that (and we’ve been doing massive work on socialization since), he is SO bold with the dogs, absolutely loves them, eats anything not nailed down, and is more thoughtful than Nemo is — watching the world for a few minutes before leaping in, where Nemo is absolutely stupidly bold about things.

They are so much fun to have together. :) We had a little bit of a scare with Nemo this past week, he came down with a small cough at the same time that he was losing his molars, and he decided to stop eating. We’ve syringe fed him for a few days, and now he’s finally back to eating on his own. Our vets are wonderful.

You’re here for pictures, though, right? These span weeks, so you’ll get to see how big Macavity’s getting.

This is my shrimp.

Seriously, is this not the worst picture ever?

Pair of kittens in basket!

Same cats, different basket.

Seriously unconcerned about dogs.

He’s very, very bad at looking at the camera. However, he’s got a beautiful profile.

And look, the Hater has decided she can join the other cats. :)

And look how much he’s growing.

So, last night, we had a two hour power outage. Since there wasn’t anything else to do, we took the cats out back and took some pictures.

A few notes — our backyard is small, but has a 6+ foot privacy fence and no easy way out for a small cat. Nemo had someone near him at all times, and wasn’t going to run off (particularly due to the quantity of bugs he could chase). Macavity was wearing his harness because he finds the outside a little scary, and I wanted more control over him. :) He got over the outside quickly, which is excellent.

I think Jessica will be very happy with how he’s turning out.

They’re both getting so big.

Shame he REFUSES to look at the camera.

Evil bug stalker.


Crouched down and wiggling to attach Nemo.

Pretty little kitten.


Almost a full face. We’ll clearly have to work on this. :)

And there’s your cat updates for now! :)

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