Cat play, dog play, play play.

Our household, particularly the trio of Orientals, deem that they should spend at minimum fourteen thousand hours a day playing with each other. The rest of the time should be spent attempting to fit in my lap, having love crisises that require immediate attention, and trying to steal the humans’ food. Occasionally, they sleep too.

A large number of these things have now been photographed.

This is my morning routine. Get up. Go downstairs. Attempt to check email and look at the computer around three cats.

I don’t generally have the camera there… but I do have Photo Booth.

This is an exceptionally large number of cats to fit in your lap and also use the internet.

Sleeping boys in a basket.

Jelly too.

Now onto play!

These two spent a solid 20 – 25 minutes racing around the house, sounding like a pair of elephants rather than two relatively small kittens.

Attack in the chair!

Back to the dog bed…

Macavity extends ALL his toes.

As does his relation, Jelly! (Her father is Macavity’s great-grandfather. :))

Nemo is, as far as I can see from pedigrees, not related to either of them.

They all have evil and entertainment though!

Speaking of entertaining… thanks to ongoing back issues, I’ve got a new computer setup in the living room.

Crow wanted to make sure it was acceptable for work purposes.

And he’s discovered the sort of things I say about him on the internet. Poodle Does Not Approve(tm).

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