Macavity’s here too.

I took Friday off work, and drove over to the home of Cats on the Hill and Siam Jewels, where we chatted and interacted and eventually stole away with a tiny fawn kitten.

He was a little scared the first night home, and a little overwhelmed by all the newness. He cried a lot, and was kind of unhappy. However, we set him up in a smaller room after the first night, in one of our spare bathrooms, and he’s rapidly settling in while we get to know him better. He’s had supervised access to the downstairs, and today, he got to meet some of the other cats.

Gypsy, our ancient calico, sniffed him, said ‘Hi new cat’ and went on her way. Nemo, the kitten, hissed at him a few times, and then promptly began full blown insane levels of playing. The two of them, two hours later, have already cuddled up with me on the couch together and were ‘assisting’ with the previous post, mostly by blocking my access to the laptop and also chewing on my arm.

Jelly, to no one’s surprise, had a literal hissy fit, and got herself locked in the cat room for her pleasure. She’ll be fine in a couple of days with smaller doses of kitten, and will be playing too in a few days.

But now, you have what you want — DUAL KITTEN PICTURES.

This is not a good look for a beautiful show cat.

Tend to my needs, minion!

Then, we released the other cats. :)

Oh hi Nemo!

I attempted to get Macavity to come play with the toy, but it was a little overwhelming.

Nemo liked it though.

Nemo likes ALL the toys.

He also leaps.

He leaps a LOT.

Then the boys started playing together, but it was really challenging to photograph since Macavity is super fast. So you get a paused shot.

About to leap to get Nemo.

I like this big cat.

Meanwhile, Gypsy does ancient cat sprawled on dining room table.

And after play, comes sleep in his person’s arms.

And then sleep on the couch.

He’s still passed out next to me. It’s hard to be a kitten!

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love all the photos and the update. I am glad to see that Nemo and MaCavity are getting along :)

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