Enter Macavity.

Macavity, Macavity, there’s no one like Macavity,
For he’s a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity.
You may meet him in a by-street, you may see him in the square–
But when a crime’s discovered, then Macavity’s not there!

He’s outwardly respectable. (They say he cheats at cards.)
And his footprints are not found in any file of Scotland Yard’s.
And when the larder’s looted, or the jewel-case is rifled,
Or when the milk is missing, or another Peke’s been stifled,
Or the greenhouse glass is broken, and the trellis past repair–
Ay, there’s the wonder of the thing! Macavity’s not there!

We’ve stayed good friends with Jelly’s breeder since she came home (waves hi at Jessica), and I’ve happily stalked her webpage and facebook pages and looked at all the ridiculously cute kittens that she’s had throughout time.

On April 29th, 2013, I saw this picture on Jelly’s breeder’s facebook page.

I saw that picture, and upon seeing it, a single word came to mind: Macavity.

I shared the picture, and all of a sudden, we had reserved a four week old solid fawn male oriental kitten.

Last weekend, we went to meet him. He’s about eight weeks old now.

And he’s perfect. He’s astonishingly, wonderfully perfect.

I love bold, fearless animals, and he fits the bill more than you could imagine. He’s just at the age where he’s learning to play with toys, and we were playing with a long toy with ribbons on it and a stick on the end. He went from worried about it to playing with it to dragging around a toy behind him, attacking it, and ignoring the fact that it made clattering noises.

He figured out how to climb the sides of the exercise pen and was determined to get out.

He’s exceptionally vocal and has a LOT to say.

And at the end of our *cough* several hours of visiting, I picked him up, and he climbed into my lap, took a look around, and laid down with the most regal, arrogant air, taking possession of my lap in a way that absolutely took my breath away, particularly from a tiny handful of cat.

He’s perfect. He comes home in a few weeks. He may have a job outside of being a pet, thanks to his colour, structure, and genetics, which is a lot of fun for us, since we don’t have to do any work. :)

So, internets, meet our new friend, Siam Jewels Macavity:

There’s been so much death of late. It’s nice that there’s a little life, and that we don’t have to worry about finding Jelly a new friend (since right now, it’s kitten and geriatrics in our house).

And he’s perfect.

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  1. Jessica says:

    *waves hi back*
    I always enjoy your visits. I am so glad to see you have Macavity on your blog now :)
    I am sure him and Jelly will be the best of friends!

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