All kittens, all the time!

I am literally drowning in photographs. So much so that this will probably be two posts, because there’s THAT MANY KITTEN PICTURES.

Let’s start with a Nemo update. Nemo is awesome. Nemo is awesome with a side of awesome and awesomesauce.

He’s so bold, so loving, so smart, so wonderful. His purr is loud enough to hear across the room, and he’s already fine with all the cats and dogs in the house. Jelly, aka The Hater, was certain he was a monster of epic variety for about five days, and then she got over herself, and last night we all cuddled on the couch together. They play but they’re not yet at the ‘let us snuggle together’ phase.

Nemo is also really, really good with the dogs. He ranges from ‘I kind of like them’ to ‘They’re sort of obnoxious’, but he’s more or less completely unafraid. It’s very nice to find in a cat who was not raised with dogs.

He’s also kind of playful. You’ll see. :)

Let us embark on the photographic journey of Nemo’s first weeks home.

Playing with the lunge whip with Jelly.

I like this black thing.

The rug is nice too.

Noire looks so perplexed, poor dog.

Nemo LOVES to play. Loves.

Cat yoga, with stuffed snake.

It’s also great fun to throw around.

And now, we end this post, to begin another one. :)

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