A happy update for once.

Which is good, because this place has been depressing of late.

First, the update that I know people care about, without pictures, alas.

Crow is doing exceptionally well. He’s acting like himself, eating well (although he thinks the special low fat canned food from the vet is nasty, which I can’t entirely disagree with), happy, not in pain, and in general is just my poodle again, save with a really sexy scar that he can show off to the ladies.

The main issue at this point is keeping him calm for another few days, and keeping him from licking. If he had his way, it’d be 100% rodeo with intermittent slurping his incision breaks. But we’re avoiding that. :)

In other news, while my life was crashing down around my shoulders, summer came. Summer, in our household, is marked by one event: the first rose bloom.

This year, the winner of the rose blooming race was a Blanc Double de Coubert rugosa rose, which smells like heaven. I spent several days sniffing it.

It bloomed on June 1st.

I’ll snap some more garden pictures after we mow the lawn today — we’ve got three cultivars blooming in the front yard (the Blanc de Couberts, Linda Campbell, and Morden Snowbeauty), and two more that are going to bloom today or tomorrow (Morden Sunrise and Rosa alba maxima), plus several more threatening.

Also, another sure sign of summer is this one…

Hi all, meet the world’s crankiest baby parrot.

Yeah, he’s molting for the first time. You can see he’s got a few bright white feathers coming in in his ruff, which is really funny. He also looks a little like a cat ate him and spit him out, and that’s after a bath.

He varies his time between ‘please scratch my head’ and trying to bite me for scratching his head.

Fun times.

But he’s still cute, as you can see:

Jun 8, 2013 | A beautiful headpiece. by stejacks on Keek.com

That’s all for now. More pictures will be occurring soon.

We’re t-2 weeks to Macavity.

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