Radish and Artichoke join the rest of the house!

Thankfully, before my hands fall off (though Holy Goats’ lotion helps immensely), Radish and Artichoke have been pronounced free of SPED (small parrot exploding disease. ;)) and all other contagions, and can now join the rest of the parrots downstairs.

This is good for a number of reasons. First, because Radish particularly would like some parrot-esque company. Second, because the bird room is set up to let them out and about. Third, because cherry head conures are loud, and it’s nice to get away from them. :)

In other cheerful news, Artichoke is eating a great deal of pellets these days, as well as mulch, and Radish has begun playing with toys and we’re working on target training. He’s really fun to train, since he loves sunflower seeds more than words.

Art also loves his baths, as you can clearly see.

Now the REAL fun starts — I have to coax five parrots to get along, which will be an interesting challenge, as four of them are pissy conures, and the fifth is an even pissier lovebird.

Our very poorly arranged first introduction went… well, you can see for yourself. :)

Artichoke looks curious. Tea looks dubious.

Got to love Pyrrhura conures.

At least they’re obvious about their hatred.

He’s still ridiculously cute.

Radish says ‘this bird room thing is weird, I’d better stay in my cage.’

Cages all lined up in a row — Anisette, Artichoke, Pineapple.

And Tea and Radish.

And finally, though she’s not a bird, Charlotte got some bling recently — we had nail polish that none of us would use, so we painted Char. :) I thought Noire would look snazzy with pink nails, but she chews her toenails, so we figured it wasn’t a great idea.

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