A week of pseudo-spring and parrots.

Slowly, Ontario is trying to determine if it might be okay if we went over to spring, instead of snow. The idea has a great deal of appeal.

As you can see, the crocuses are blooming, which is a great addition to the brown grass.

And the daffodils are slowly working on growing in.

Last year’s crocuses are starting to spread too.

They’re so bright and happy-making.

Almost as happy making as this guy.

And this guy.

Our two new friends have been home a touch over a week, and they’re blowing me away with their wonderfulness.

Baby first. Artichoke is so much fun. He’s already working on flying to people on cue, he’s always happy to come out of his cage and shoulder surf and hair preen, and is currently snoozing on my shoulder while I post his pictures. He’s friendly and happy and loves the world. Unlike the baby green cheeks tend to be, he’s really gentle with his beak, doesn’t nibble much at all, and is a little more laid back. The only downside is he’s still eating almost exclusively seed, but as he’s just weaned, he gets to eat crap for a few weeks before I start being mean and force him to eat pellets and fresh food. :)

He’s working on some fun tricks in addition to flying. :)

And Radish is doing wonderfully. He does scream, a rather irritating alarm call, but we’re working on lowering the intensity of that one. We were told he wouldn’t play with toys or eat vegetables, but he munched down on mulch after only a few hours, he’s eating his weight in pellets, and he’s slowly chewing on the fresh elm branches we put in his new cage. He had a few stereotypical gestures (moving around his cage constantly in a pacing sort of way) that have dropped to nothing now that he’s in a new, big cage. He’s getting baths, and his feathers look great.

His ‘trick’ is not as fun as Artichoke’s but is so much more satisfying — mulchy beak! Not even a week in, and he dug into today’s mulch like it was going out of style.

Both of them are going to the vet next week, and then hopefully we can break quarantine and see how the conures join the other conures.

And, as a last comment on my life, everyone has Siamese cats in their cupboards right?

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  1. Andrea says:

    We have had like six days of spring, and then it’s going to be in the 80s. Apparently we’re zipping straight to summer.

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