Welcome home, Artichoke… and Radish.

Today, we drove 2.5 hours to go pick up our baby black capped conure, who we reserved in January, shortly before he was born. :) His breeder is awesome, and we got to stand in a room filled with flighted baby birds, be harassed to death by the Green Cheek Mafia(tm), and I got chewed on and licked by a baby blue and gold that I seriously considered just stuffing under my shirt and smuggling out, he was that cute.

Artichoke is the baby black capped, DNA sexed male, born on January 14th of this year. He’s ridiculously friendly and cute, flings himself through the air to land on people (frequently on my glasses, alas), and will be an awesome friend to have around. I intend on doing all sorts of fun training with him, as well as potentially having him as a companion for the ever obnoxious Anisette, our green cheek.

His breeder also does occasional rescue and rehoming, and she also had another bird (well, she has several others, but this one is specific). He is a plucked, untame, male cherry headed conure of unknown age, possibly wild caught. And I wanted to meet him.

And I did. He’s extremely, extremely interested in people, but he’s learned very clearly how to scare them. He lunged at lot at my face when I got near his cage, but kept coming back to me. So I sat there, crouched next to his cage, and waited. And you could almost see the wheels turning, that I wasn’t going away (nor was I getting up in his personal space), just watching. He calmed down quickly over the span of a few minutes, and it was decided that he could come home too.

He’s flighted, and flies well, he doesn’t attack people (which would be bad), and he’s already had a bath. He’s also learned, after only a few tries, to take sunflower seeds gently from a hand. I doubt he’ll ever be tame in the ridiculously cuddly sense, but he’ll definitely be interactive, learn to step up on a stick, and probably even do tricks.

His name is Radish.

Both he and Art will go to the vet in the next few weeks, and get a checkup. Until then, they’re in quarantine to prevent the spread of disease, and get a dietary upgrade (they were eating an okay mix of seeds and pellets, but I prefer more fresh food, and seeds to be reserved as treats).

And I have a new, Radish-shaped project on my hands. :)

But, of course, what you want to see is bad night time pictures, right?

Radish felt very comfortable on top of the gecko cages.

Artichoke is the cutest thing since cute was invented.

I may not be as cute, but I’m already learning important lessons about taking things from people. (Even if dried fruit is gross.)

You must admit, I’m still a little cute.

Not as cute as me!

And for the non-parrot lovers among us, I will end this with a picture of the royals that I hadn’t yet posted.

Our house is never, ever boring.

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