Like most of the north eastern part of this continent, the Greater Toronto area got some snow a few days ago — in our case, somewhere around 14″ or 15″, though it’s hard to say with the drifts. It’s the most snow that we’ve had since we’ve moved here, and it’s quite pretty.

While it was coming down, it blocked off quite a bit of the windows.

The little car was nearly buried.

No entering the yard through that gate.

Backyard is just as buried.

Today, though, it’s brilliantly sunny and still quite snow-ful.

Even the dogs have avoided the deepest parts.

The spruce shows off its winter plumage, while the japanese maple is all protected.

The street is plowed, but the city hasn’t gotten around to doing our sidewalk yet. (We’re on a bus route, so they do the sidewalks in front of the house.)

I did that lovely trench through the snow for the walk.

One of two cars has been dug out!

I really love the snow, even if dealing with it is a pain in the butt. We were chipping away at the 3 or 4 foot tall plow hump at the end of the driveway the other night when two guys with a snowplow on the front of their truck came by and asked if we wanted help. Best $20 I ever spent.

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