Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!

I love that title. I’m sure I’ve used it a thousand times over the years. Still, that is indeed what you’ll find behind the link.

Cats, dogs, together!

The players, as usual:

Charlotte, ancient female German shedder.
Crow, 7 year old male Standard Poodle.
Noire, 5 year old female Doberman pincher.

Skimbleshanks, almost 2 year old male Oriental shorthair.
Jellylorum, almost 1 year old female Siamese.
Gypsy, 12+ year old female calico thing.

Here’s the most rare cats in baskets variety, for multiple reasons — Gypsy isn’t really cuddly with the other cats, and she isn’t terribly thrilled with Jelly, who doesn’t put up with her crap. Female cats. :)

Then, the royals like to watch from the tallest part of the room, and keep an eye on their lands.

A close eye.

We’ve come a long way. When Skimble came home, he was scared of the dogs. Now, he just scares the dogs. Poor Noire is somewhat terrified of cats, who are clearly evil. She’s a big tough doberman who finds tiny cats scary.

Look at the poor doberman’s worried face.

Crow is much less displeased, though Jelly still thinks he sucks a little.

Skimble doesn’t care any more.

Then, for the final dog/cat regime, we have a little snow — we got about 15″ in 24 hours a few days ago. The dogs thought it was worth bouncing through.

Flying dogs!

It’s a rough life, being an ancient shedder.

Tah-dah! I have some generic snow pictures to put up next. :)

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