All the pictures of the year, dog version.

As usual, these days, I’ve got a ton of various pictures on the camera to go through. This is the dog section, which includes First Real Snow Of the Year and Couch Land.

Noire shows off her fancy jacket and the blanket of snow on Boxing Day.

And then, we all go inside to see Couch Land. See, we purchased a new couch and loveseat, which was to be delivered the next day. Which meant we needed to put the old couch somewhere. We shoved them into the Library, and the dogs were overjoyed about Couch Land.

Elaborate Couch Land Rodeo ensued.

With a lot of snappy teeth as usual.

Even the ancient shepherd got involved.

A better look at couch land.

That’s it for this set of dog pictures, but worry not, there’s more coming up next.

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