All the pictures of the year, Cats in Baskets Edition.

I joked, after looking at these, that I probably could make a calendar entitled ‘365 days of cats in baskets’. Apparently, I take a phenomenal number of pictures of that.

Or, there are several baskets in my house that can have cats in them.

Or both.

Here we have the most common cat in basket arrangement: Two royals and a blankie. Or, Skimble, Jelly, and Gus.

Sometimes, the cat pictures come with an occasional Poodle Photobomb.

Or, you know, more than sometimes.

Madam Jellylorum is growing up. She’s seven and a half months old, and absolutely wonderful.

She’s also extremely helpful, as you can see from the next pictures.

“Is this food?”

“Hrm. This does not seem edible.”

“Perhaps there is food in the sink.”

“I disapprove of this green stuff.”

Then, we have a brief picture of the more rare basket themes — Two Royals and a White Blankie. Fetch, our flame point siamesey mix, is the third cat here.

And finally, our last photo of the year, taken just a few minutes ago, and the last usual basket configuration — Just Two Royals In Love.

Happy New Year everyone!

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