Life in the house.

Things are keeping on as they do. Kitten is growing up and becoming a cat. Dogs are being doggy. Birds are being birdy. We got our first trace of snow last night.

And I have a bunch of pictures that I didn’t take off the camera yet again. :)

I love this set. The mixing bowl had a ton of buttery popcorn in it, and Crow felt the powerful need to explain, in his somewhat (not at all) subtle way that he could share.

I see you have a mixing bowl here.

Perhaps, if I rest my chin on the side, you will get my telepathic messages.

No? Then maybe if I elegantly tip my nose into it…

I told him no at that point, and he retreated to wait a few minutes and try it again. Poodles are many things, but they are not usually easily dissuaded from a path that involves large quantities of butter.

That same night, while we were watching TV, I had a kitten-filled lap.

Look at the pink tongue!

And her little brown feets.

The other morning, I came downstairs to find two perfectly backlit Oriental-type cat ears in the library window. All the animals in the house love the library in the winter because it’s sunlit and warm.

And then today.

Yesterday, Madam Jelly had a little surgery to make sure she doesn’t have kittens. She was very, very displeased at this entire experience. Mostly the no food and water part, if we’re being honest. She came home last night and was confined away from her friends (though I sat and cuddled her for well over an hour) and was unhappy.

This morning, when I woke up, I fed the cats (as I usually do), and she screamed bloody murder from the spare room, so I let her out and fed her too. Now, post food, she has come downstairs and is curled up with her grey blankie and all is right with the world.

Gus has accepted his role in life is to warm up short haired cats. Oh, and this is the new, bigger basket, which can hold Gus, Skimble, and Jelly all at once.

She has such beautiful blue eyes.

It’s a tough life, being a table centerpiece.

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