One month of Jelly.

We’ve had our Siamese kitten for nearly a month now, and she’s settled in wonderfully. She’s loud, demanding, extremely smart, growing like a weed, and everything we expected from her. Also, very, very beautiful.

So, now you get some pictures.

This is our current crisis — the centerpiece basket is now TOO SMALL. We’ll get another one tomorrow, I think. And even worse, this picture is two weeks old.

These two are the BEST FRIENDS EVER.

Following around Gus, who is still much, much bigger.

Sometimes, you just got to eat the curtains.

Sproinging glowy eyed ghost kitten.

She’s a beautifully put together cat.

Of late, Skimble’s got a couple of bald spots on his head, and Jelly picked up one under her chin. Tell me if you can figure out why. :)

Hard to guess, huh?

This picture is actually from today. Her typical trick after eating is to climb up onto the fish tank and take a nap on the light… which means she stands still long enough to take a few pictures.

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