Jelly meets more of the house!

We’re generally pretty slow in introducing cats to parrots, for a couple of different reasons. Kittens, particularly, are challenging to have around parrots since they want to play with everything.

Jelly is DECIDEDLY in that phase, and spends 110% of her waking hours racing around the house, attacking other cats, and generally playing with anything not nailed down. It’s a lot of fun, and entertaining to photograph, but not so good in interacting with other animals.

As a quick side note, introducing cats and parrots is something that should be done carefully, as the bacteria that cats have in their mouth and claws can be fatal to birds. I wrote up a bunch about it , which you should read if you’re considering it.

That said, the first parrot we usually throw at the cats is Theo. Theo is our 23 year old blue and gold macaw. He hates cats but won’t generally attack them if they stay away from him.

Before we get to macaw pictures, though, some Jelly playing!

Crazy kitten.

She’s so pretty though.

Eating Skimble. These two are inseparable. It’s adorable.

He’s a little ridiculous too.


Then we get onto big bird. :)

Jelly has a major benefit over Skimble in this. Skimble has a lot of prey drive, and a lot of ‘I should stalk birds’ in him. It’s not a big deal to deal with, but he took a lot more effort to introduce to birds. Jelly was curious, but very willing to accept Theo’s ‘go away’, which is nice.

I love both of their expressions in this one.

Here’s the only flaw. Macaws are REALLY picky about their tails, and Jelly thought that his tail was the BEST TOY EVER.

Cracked out cat.

Skimble’s still a little more curious than Jelly is.

Theo says, “Cats suck. I’m pretty though.”

Some cats never cared about birds at all. :) Gus is the most laid back creature ever.

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