Over a week of Jelly-ness!

Indeed, our tiny overlord, Princess of all she Surveys has been home over a week. She’s charmed all the cats, taught us her ways, and is even mostly dealing with the dogs. She’s still extremely displeased that she can’t jump on top of the countertop, but she learned today how to get on top of the fish tank, so all is well in the world.

And she is the most delightful, hilarious creature. She’s finally settled into a routine and is eating well and seems to be getting bigger all the time. We allow her full access to the house at night (while the dogs are locked up) and are doing supervised access while the dogs are around.

But, you’re all here for one thing, and thus you will get it: pictures. :)

As you can see, she’s learned all the important lessons of ‘finding warm cats to cuddle up with’.

She’s also learned that dogs are not so bad.

And you get everyone’s attention if you’re cutting up steak.

Noire is dubious about whether or not we needed a kitten.

Crow thinks she is very small.

Noire has accepted her new feline overlord.

You can tell it’s been getting colder at night, because this is what I wake up to.

My table centerpiece is better than yours.

And then, of course, being a kitten, there must be some time for playing.

Slightly pudgy Skimble too (he’s already lost most of this weight, he was stealing kitten food. Beast.)

He looks gigantic compared to her.

Fierce monster beast.

Demonic glowing eyed little predator.

Must get feathered thing.

Then today, we brought out the lunge whip with the ribbons attached to the end. That was a hit, to put it mildly. Kitten fishing!

I eats it!


Killer of ribbonny whips.

She’s a little unsure of this new household, where she must share her ribbony things with a giant muppet cat.

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