Good news, bad news, cat news!

The ‘bad’ news first (which isn’t really bad). Gypsy, our 12+ year old calico cat, who has been fat her entire life has shifted all of a sudden into a walking, talking, screaming bag of bones and raging appetite. I’ve got enough vet knowledge to know what it means when an older cat suddenly loses weight while trying to eat the world, so off we went to get her thyroid checked.

To no one’s surprise, she’s hyperthyroid, and we started on pills a few days ago. Hopefully she’ll turn back into her usual (though not fat :)) self, and stop stealing all the food in the universe. :)

Now the good news. Last weekend, we went to the Canadian National Exhibition, and one of the things we did was attend the cat show. There, we met Jessica from Siam Jewels Cattery, who I had been stalking online for some time. We made plans to go over to her house today and meet her available kittens.

I’d like to officially introduce Jellylorum, a three month old chocolate point modern Siamese, who will be coming to live with us in roughly two weeks.

Small siamese kitten.

More (bad iPhone) pics behind the cut.

We’re working on getting her well used to being tortured and abused as one of our pets. :)

Small siamese kitten.

Look at that face, OMG!

Small siamese kitten.

Seriously, isn’t she adorable?

Small siamese kitten.

She was really playful and fun, but we didn’t take pictures until she was all nappy.

Small siamese kitten.

Little screamy! Skimble’s going to have a buddy. :)

Small siamese kitten.

Speaking of other animals, I have more pictures of them coming up.

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