Last week, I packed up myself and my poodle, and we headed out to the wilds of northern Virginia to visit Blackthorn GSDs and The Manor of Mixed Blessings, and also puppies and goats.

Despite having a herniated lumbar disc and a thrilling limp, Crow and I managed the twelve hour drive pretty well. Crow’s a fantastic passenger, and slept in the crate, and got to pee in three new states, bringing his lifetime total of places visited to two Canadian territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories), five provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario), and five US states (Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia).

Crow found all the dogs more than a little stressful at first, but settled in pretty good over the few days we were there. He thought the Lady of the Manor was quite delightful after she sat and petted him for the better part of an hour. He barked at chickens and goats, wandered around off leash, and played Country Poodle rather than City Poodle for a few days.

And he got painted green. That’s typical right?

And of course, there are pictures.

I entitle this post: Dogs, lots and lots of dogs (part 1)

ZOMG someone new showed up! Note that Crow is studiously ignoring the puppies who are curious if he has nipples.

Standard poodle with two black GSD puppies.

Full of dogs! The old Queen here is Nike, who’s one of my favorites ever.

GSD bitch with puppies.

If this picture wasn’t fuzzy, it would have been perfect. The two adult males who didn’t live with puppies (Sid and Crow) always looked a little uncertain when they were followed.

Black GSD with two puppies.

As you can see, the puppies were fascinated by the new dogs. I had just called Crow back from the door (where he was explaining that there was A/C inside.)

Standard poodle with three black GSD puppies.

It’s a hard life being a Country Poodle! (Also because I made him stand there and not come over.)

Cream standard poodle.

Then, bad things happened. See, we had just tattooed the ears of the puppies, and someone nameless who has a Manor asked if the rest of the tattoo ink could be used to dye the poodle. I had promised her that she could. So, um, we did. It was… green.

Green poodle.

He’s something else. He was completely unfazed about the entire situation.

Green poodle.

Green poodle.

Then, she put a green handprint on his chest. War Poodle!

Green poodle.

You have to admit it came out pretty well.

Green poodle.

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