Vacation: Visiting the Manor (part 4)

And, with this, we wrap up the final bits of vacation pictures!

May would like to know if cameras are edible.

A very close up goat.

Then, we took them into the back area of their goat enclosure to eat some trees.

Mmmm, trees.

A herd of goats eating pine.

We don’t judge goat love here. We just love them. And kiss their noses, apparently.

A goat getting kissed by a human on the nose.

Baby goats are good at eating trees too.

A herd of goats eating pine.

I entitle this one, Why you probably don’t want to pasture goats with plants you like.

A cleared out area on the left, lush wilderness on the right.

We just like eating trees!

A small herd of goats.

There are occasional chickens in with the goats.

Three black chickens.

They had to climb up onto each other to get the tasty bits of tree. Their pasture has now been moved so they can destroy another part of that property. :) (Just to answer the question in advance, the back acre of that land was clear cut, the top soil scraped away, then planted with trash pine. The goats are clearing it out and turning bad pine into rich goat manure fertilizer to improve the soil.)

Goats climbing on each other to eat pine.

Then, the goats abandoned us because the Lord of the Manor came out.

Man, goat, fuzzy chicken in the background.

A man, a goat, and some chickens.

Everyone needs a lap goat. Right?

A small goat in a man's lap.

And I leave you, ladies and gentlemen, with a ridiculous chicken.

A ridiculous fluffy chicken.

Crow and I had an awesome time, and he’s less green now. Thanks to both the Manor and Blackthorn for hosting us!

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