Vacation: Visiting the Manor! (part 3)

After being fully puppied out, Crow and I gathered up ourselves and drove over to the Manor of Mixed Blessings to look at goats and chickens and such.

The Lord of the Manor looks at his wife’s handiwork.

A man petting a poodle.

ZOMG chickens everywhere.

A forest full of chickens.

I love the fluffy chickens best.

A ridiculous fluffy chicken.

As you can probably tell.

A ridiculous fluffy chicken.

The lady of the Manor surrounded by chickens. Or the chicken whisperer.

A woman in coveralls surrounded by chickens.

Um. You should be petting goats now.

A small herd of goats.

This is Siri, who is a baby Nubian (I think), and she’s very pretty.

A small goat.

This is Annabelle, who has swallowed a beachball. Or had a small fling with a buck.

A small goat.

Her sister Esk also had a beachball incident.

A small goat.

A woman and her goats. The only one missing is Josie, the mother of the two babies.

Goats surrounding a woman in coveralls.

This is because Josie was trying to eat my camera strap.

A small goat trying to eat a camera strap.

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