Vacation, Part 2

This is part two of the dog-focused vacation pictures. After this comes goats and chickens!

Considering they threatened to kill each other on first meeting, I love this picture. Sid’s awfully pretty.

Green poodle.

I have removed the heads of the peoples here. If you wish to identify yourself, or you want me to take this down, tell me. :) The dogs look awesome though! Nike, awwww.

Green poodle, old German shepherd, black German shepherd.

The puppies loved the giant stuffed horse.

Puppy with giant stuffed horse.

Then, so that Crow no longer felt like the only non Shepherd around, some JRTs came out. This is Ruffian. She’s a hussy and apparently all the male dogs think she is quite sexy. Even Crow. She’s very sweet though.

Black and white Jack Russell Terrier.

This guy is Flint, who stole the stuffed horse and trotted away with it, despite the fact that it’s bigger than him.

Brown and white Jack Russell terrier.

This is Nike and Nemi. Nemi is an older puppy (10 or 11 months old), who is ridiculously dorky and cute. One of the funniest events of the weekend was when we let her and Crow meet. She had been barking at Crow every time he went past her crate, and apparently liked to bark at other dogs when meeting them. She came charging over to Crow, who barked angrily at her with the attitude of ‘YOU HAVE BARKED AT ME FOR TWO DAYS.’ She was utterly flabberghasted that another dog would do that to her, and immediately started appeasing. It was adorable. And Crow calmed down after a few and went back to ignoring her.

Two GSDs with a ball.

The best shade is the shade under a poodle. I think this one is Solstice.

Green poodle with puppy beneath.

Fluffy puppy belly!

Fluffy puppy upside down in person's lap.

King of the table!

Green poodle.

Puppies everywhere!

Green poodle with puppies.

This is the puppy I liked best who went home with someone else, which proves I do have willpower, and also, that I don’t need a puppy in my life right now.

Black GSD puppy with pink collar.

Nike’s such a good grandma.

GSD with puppy

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