Cats, cats, cats, cats!

Now here’s your pictures of all the cats. A brief intro for the newbies, from oldest to youngest:

Gypsy, 12+ year old calico female, our only girl, known as Fat Gypsy for years before I finally got her weight under control.
Rufus, 11 year old orange tabby male, one of our two former ferals, friendly with us, not so much with strangers.
Fetch, 11 year old flame point oriental mix male, the other former feral, more friendly with Rufus.
Gus (Asparagus), 9 year old blue and white classic tabby Maine Coon.
Skimble (Skimbleshanks), 1 year old silver spotted tabby Oriental Shorthair.

Now onto the pictures!

Skimble, being one of our few short hair cats, and a regal and elegant cat, believes firmly that all the other cats should serve as blankies for him, and is almost always found curled up with someone, in this case, Gus.

Maine Coon and OSH in a basket.

It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it.

Maine Coon and OSH in a basket.

The other day, on my way out the door to work (which is one of the reasons that I’ve been so absent — got a new job, which I love, but I’m busy as hell), this is the vision that greeted me in the library.

Gus and Rufus on the chaise.

Grey and orange cats curled up on a chaise.

The rest piled in the chair.

White, calico and grey cats curled up in a chair.

See? The animals are all still alive! I am too.

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