Welcome to Spring!

It’s appeared! Some of it is very subtle spring, but the weather here has been ridiculously warm the past few days, so some of it is way way way less subtle.

Tons of pictures behind here…

In just a few days, we’ll have daffodils…

Daffodil buds

And we already have crocuses…

Purple crocuses

Lilac in bud…

Lilac buds

Catkins on the corkscrew willow.

Catkins on corkscrew willow

And on the pussy willow in the backyard, which is gigantic.

Pussy willow against a blue sky

Glory of the snow.

White and blue flowers in grass

A sea of purple crocuses.

Purple crocuses

A single white crocus.

White crocus

And my roses are starting to explode.

Rose buds

The yew is budding.

Yew buds

And the pussy willow is even more wonderful from the backyard.

Pussy willow buds

The house from the front, with everything still looking dormant.

Brick house from the front

And the side of the front!

Brick house from a different angle

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